Who would love a Rollei 35 with a digital sensor?

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Re: Who would love a Rollei 35 with a digital sensor?

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I remember my old Rollei from many years ago, does anyone know why this format and size could not be reproduced with a 35mm digital sensor?

I do love my Fuji X100 which is a close as I have come so far to the feel, but the Rollei was just so tiny and pocketable in comparison. I know Sony has the RX1 but it's still a chunky chap. Perhaps f3.5 is just not really marketable these days.

Having owned (and still have) a Rollei 35, I find my Sony RX100 produces far better results than I ever achieved with the Rollei.
A full frame sensor is not required for this class of camera.

In terms of resolution and contrast, perhaps, but in terms of colour and character, i'm not so sure.

Here are images using 35 (tessar lens) and fujifilm superia 400.

I think the rx100 would struggle to match the colours of the first one and the ambience of the second one.

Without a side by side comparison we'll never know, but I'm sure the digital has more chance of opening up those blocked up shadows in the first image, and recovering highlight and shadow detail from the second (from a raw file obviously.).

If you use HDR when digitizing slide film, and then some careful processing, you can open up those black shadows nicely.

Digital is still much better. The basic problem with film is that light spreads sideways in the emulsion. Thin emulsions, as in Tech Pan or Kodachrome, minimise this, but it's still a problem, especially for small formats such as 24x36mm.

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