Do different focal length of lenses affect how you appear in photos

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Re: Do different focal length of lenses affect how you appear in photos

KCook wrote:

That this distortion on different focal length really happens or good manufacturer remove it by using compound element so do I need to worry on that while buying a lens (zoom and prime.)

The confusion here is that there are different kinds of distortion. The portrait distortion is really perspective distortion. You can see this for yourself by putting your eyeball a few inches away from somebody's face. Their face will no longer appear the way you normally expect it to. Which has absolutely nothing to do with lens corrections.

So it applies to all lenses, any brand.

Kelly Cook

I don't believe it is perspective distortion as in perspective you will see one side narrow and another side wider but it appears more to be barrel distortion.

My question is do manufacturers deal with this problem by using compound lenses (both with zoom and prime) ?

and if the answer is: "Yes, but not all manufacturers do or it depends on model and price so you have to check before buying them." then how I can identify the slightest barrel distortion by just my eyes.

Like if I am shooting a video on a fixed focal length and this shoot is closest to far (using Hyperfocal distance/point) so if the closer object has slightest barrel distortion then how I can decide by just my eyes (as my human eyes are not capable to make a very accurate decision).

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