Who would love a Rollei 35 with a digital sensor?

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Re: Who would love a Rollei 35 with a digital sensor?

The question about how 'good' a digital sensor has to be generate images that are as 'good' as images recorded on film has been asked, discussed, and debated for years, and the answers from different people cover the compass.

When digital cameras were first coming into general use, I  did my own simplistic calculations using  line pairs, etc. and ended up in the same place as KenRockwell--with very high megapixel estimates.

But different people measure different things.  A digital sensor will likely show a sharper delineation at the edge of a black rectangle next to a white one than might Velvia.  On the other hand, a good film image of a textured rock might look better than a digital picture.

A man who had worked for Kodak in Rochester told me that the Nikon D70, with a 6MP crop sensor, was "as good as film".  He was offended when I opined that his assertion was ridiculous.

But I bought a D70.  It was  better than I expected, but it was not that good.  I prefer FF sensors now, with at least two dozen MP.

Might  film be better?  Not the way I would have it processed.  Nor would it capture what a RAW image will.  And not at night.  Not to mention convenience and cycle time.

A "one inch type sensor" might meet the need of some people.  Not for me.

I prefer a Micro 4:3 of equivalent technology, or better still, an APSC, or --well, "FF" is as big as I would go.

There are other variables.  We knew for years that a Zeiss lens for a Hasselblad was not as "good" as a Leitz lens on a Leica, and that a Minox lens was sharper than the Leitz.

But the greater image area made the bigger Hassy image better.  Same thing to a greater extent with a 4X5  And the film emulsion might be the same for all of the above.

With digital, we have the  lens performance vs image area difference , and we add pixel size difference and other things.

Within the digital choices, what's good enough?  Depends on the subject, the lighting, the extent of enlargement and the viewing distance, and the degree of DoF control  needed.

I never thought the Rollei 35, or anything with scale focussing, was good enough.  I did like the Olympus XA.  i liked the Contax T2 a lot better.

I  regard a camera with a "one inch type" sensor as good for back-up or informal snapshots.

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