Digital photo professional become extremely buggy?

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Re: Digital photo professional become extremely buggy?

I had a similar problem recently and finally this week found a fix, but I don't understand the problem.

This is on my Windows 10 Laptop.

I have been using DPP4 since it came out and update it occasionally.   About a month ago I started having DPP crash (4.7.x) which had never happened before.  It kept getting worse so I upgraded to the latest 4.9.20 but that didn't help.

My normal process is to pull the SD card from my camera and plug it into the built in card reader on my laptop and transfer the files to my hard drive.  Then I would open up DPP and start editing the files on the hard drive.  I typically did not take out the SD card from the laptop.

Monday this week, after DPP crashed, I shutdown the laptop and before restarting, pulled out the SD card.  After restarting DPP worked fine.  On Tuesday, after taking more pictures, I put the SD card in again and as before DPP crashed.

I have now repeatably had DPP crash with the SD card in the card reader and not crash when the SD card is not in the card reader.   I don't know why, but since I have started taking the SD card out before starting DPP, I have not had a single crash.

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