Digital photo professional become extremely buggy?

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Re: Digital photo professional become extremely buggy?

TheBlackGrouse wrote:

Andy01 wrote:

+4 - never had a problem.

Maybe the OP's computer just isn't up to the task. DPP can be quite slow when accessing a folder containing a few thousand RAW images, and I have a 7th gen i5-7660K desktop with 16Gb of RAM, so a older PC or laptop would certainly struggle, perhaps to the point of crashing.


Ten years of use, few times DPP freezing. But that's because I had too many other programs active. Then the harddisk starts to rattle, windows are not loading etc. and task manager is needed to start all over again.

But it's not getting buggy then, it simply does not do what you are asking, or you'll have to wait half an hour.

in my experience, it is when you install/uninstall buggy apps to begin with and they leave behind active files, such as .dll and others behind that sap resources in a desktop or laptop every times you turn on your pc. it has happen to me numerous times, to the point that i had to reinstall windows from ground up to start fresh. i would seriously recommend not install cute apps and then uninstall them and you won't have any serious issue. i have been using DPP since 2006 when i purchased my 5D and not once did it act up on me! my 2 cents.

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