What percentage are your keepers?

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I back up all my pics but keep to work on in Lightroom between 10 to 15% max, sometimes less. Then prints are much less than 10% of that, closer to 2-5%.

It seems I do not take enough care taking pics with so many discarded.

What would be others "keep" percentage?

I keep way more than I need to, just because I have so much available space....

But as far as how many shots I completely finish, put a name on, and save as possible prints ? Probably about 1%

That is what I meant. Pictures kept to be seen. Not pictured simply backed up for archiving.

I think to many, the term keepers means images you have kept, not images you have kept and intend for them to be seen. Your refined definition could make the replies vary wildly.

I clarified it although I did not think "keepers" would apply to what you physically keep.

You can obviously see why people would think that, no? Keepers...the ones you keep?

Not obviously, but yes, quite possibly

I always thought of it as "the ones you treasure".

I think you asked the wrong question...

Could well be I did.

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