Black Friday - anyone else doing it?

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Re: Black Friday - anyone else doing it?

eFilm wrote:

KE_DP wrote:

Thanks for the comments everyone! There's clearly some good opinions in each direction...we'll see how the experiment goes.

And that's the key takeaway here, IMO, to experiment with stuff. With or without big discount banners. Let us know how it went.

a one time one day deal isn't going to forever tilt the entire market's perception or expectations on quality or pricing.

It won't, but it might have an effect on how your particular niche of clients are perceiving your business.

Worst case scenario is it flops and no one shows up. If it works a bit, we'll be creating buzz and/or shooting while others in this market will be sitting idle doing nothing.


Attracting "bottom feeders" that wouldn't otherwise consider professional photography might seem like a negative to some -

For valid reasons. You may not see it now, but it's very likely you'll get bitten in the derrière by them eventually.

OTOH, it opens up a whole new segment and exposure to a large part of the market we would not otherwise reach. Maybe they will remember how much they love our work a year or two down the road when they have a big event or some other project?

They might remember but the thing is, they'll still be behaving like bottom feeders.

Guess how many/most of us have found that out. In this case it's not cynicism, it's just repeatable empirical evidence, supported by years of extensive research results.
Sure, you just might get lucky with your one-off deal, though, who knows.

Anyway, I don't want to be the buzzkill and dampen your enthusiasm, because I do fully agree about the notion of testing things, as I mentioned in the earlier comments. Just be careful with whom you choose to work with. Try to pre-screen each and every one of the potential takers of your offer. If your 'gut' tells you to back off, just do it. With any excuse.

Oh and let us know how it went.

I will share my experiences, responding to your message as it was the last one, but not directed specifically at you.

I will be doing a Black Friday sale, even though I live in Canada. My market is model / lifestyle, boudoir, weddings, maternity among my more popular ones. I advertise exclusively on Facebook and Instagram, with my website as my browsing catalog so to speak. Most of my bookings come straight from Facebook or Instagram. My website is priced at a higher point.

Reading the comments here there seems to be a bit of fear of getting the worst type of clients by providing the expectation of big sales, you don't price yourself to the lowest denominator to begin with and they should not be your client. This isn't the time to do 50$ photos and grab the attention of bargain bin shoppers. But if you are used to doing shoots for 200$, and you offer a 30% off sale, that attracts the right people and still profitable. It's also great to advertise mini sessions where you offer less for less, and that is the special.

I did a Black Friday giveaway for a free shoot last year that got a ton of buzz as well as a 20% off sale. Sure I got some people who only signed up for the free shoot, but I also got many people who saw my work and booked regardless using the sale. You don't need a 80% off sale, just a sale big enough that it may entice followers and fans to book.

People love sales. I will be photographing an event tomorrow where I created special 25% exclusive discounts cards in a gift bag provided (demographic is my clientele,  beauty conscious women 20-35). I can update how many contacts and bookings I get.

I did a boudoir Christmas early bird special at 15% off website prices last week of October and got multiple bookings from new clients who told me they never even thought of boudoir, but my sale dragged them in. My advertising cost me around 50$ to reach new people on Facebook, I got about 600$ profit. Not only that, but I now have multiple new clients who have all said they can't wait to recommend me to friends.

Price yourself accordingly with your sale, and the bargain bin will not happen while still getting a lot of buzz. is my Instagram page you will be able to see the buzz in a few days. I am still undecided if I want to do a giveaway this year but I love to generate buzz.

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