Any problems with the Huawei P20 Pro?

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Re: Any problems with the Huawei P20 Pro?

Hi Vlad, thank you very much for explaining as you did.

But then, please clarify/enlighten me/others:

1) Just exactly in which mode can one safely use the 3x icon as an optical zoom? For example, in the Photo mode? In the Aperture mode?

2) When I switch to the PRO mode, it allows the 3x icon option; are you saying that is actually then really a digital zoom?

(When I switch to the Mono mode, and to the HDR mode, no 3x icon appears, so that is clear).

3) When you mention 'magnification lever', may I assume that is the slider option on some of the modes?

4) And just to confirm: Using that slider option automatically brings on only the digital zoom, in any mode, even when 'slid' below 3x?

To Phil Photo: Don't just yet return this phone! It is still an amazing device, and one just has to become familiar with and work around some of its peculiarities. Anyway, that's my approach.

Vlad, I very much look forward to your informed answers!

Thank you,  Andy.

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