The pain of GAS...

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The pain of GAS...

So, I switched to m43 because everything's small and compact, and my Nikon APS-C kit was just getting ridiculously difficult to carry around. I bought an Olympus EM1 Mk II and the 12-40 PRO lens, and I could carry my camera kit in a very small shoulder bag. Yay - the freedom I wanted!

Then I realised I wanted a slightly longer lens, so I bought the wonderfully versatile Olympus 12-100 PRO. No problem - I don't need both the 12-40 and the 12-100 at the same time, so I can use either the small shoulder bag or a slightly larger one that will fit the EM1.2 with the 12-100 lens mounted. Great!

Now of course I realise that I've a need for a wide-angle lens, so I buy the Olympus 7-14 PRO. Hmmm. If I go back to one of the slightly larger bags I used for my Nikon D7200 I can carry both the EM1.2+12-100 and the 7-14. We're still good!

But wait! Where do I put my lens blower? And the FL600R flash? And my wired remote? And my fold-up softbox? And what about my polarising filter and my ND filters? Guess I'd better buy a backpack. The Lowepro "Protactic 350" looks good, and I can carry everything with me again!

But I can't go away on an important photographic trip with just one camera body - what if it breaks? I obviously need a spare body. Fortunately I have a load of Nikon kit I'm no longer using, and my local camera shop has a very nice second-hand EM5 Mk II body. We do business. Can I squeeze it into my backpack? Yes! Unfortunately it uses different batteries, different remote, different charger, to my EM1 Mk II. Oh dear. I think I can just about squeeze it in, though...

Hey - what about all these birds and things flying around? Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to photograph them? There's a Panasonic 100-400 zoom that's calling out to me. Oops - that definitely won't fit into my backpack . Never mind - Neewer sell a nice padded lens case that'll hold it and I can strap it to the outside of my backpack, alongside my rather heavy tripod which is also slung there. I'm slightly struggling to pick this up now and look rather like an explorer setting out on a polar expedition... Never mind - I can carry everything - I'm big and strong! Back pain? Well, a little perhaps...

The revelation struck me last week that there are all the interesting insects and other creepy-crawlies I've not yet photographed. I need a macro lens! But not yet, because Im broke now. It'll have to wait a little...

Gear Acquisition Syndrome? Oh no, not me. I'm in control and can stop any time I want to!


Seriously, though, what do you do as your gear just outgrows each camera bag you buy? Get larger and larger backpacks, or start being selective about what you take on a trip? The thought of not having all my kit "just in case" is a painful one! Any advice from fellow, er, "collectors", would be appreciated .



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