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kiwi2 wrote:

richmorris73 wrote:

Inevitably there will be compromises, as sometimes there are not equivalent lenses (eg there is no m43 equivelant to a FF 50mm f1.8)

And this is why I think it is largely silly talking about and trying to compare equivalence between different camera formats.

Perhaps a better word would be "Comparison" instead of equivalence.

Sure you can say f/4 on FF is the same as f/2 on m4/3s, but then you could always put a f/2 lens on the FF camera as well.

But if you are already shooting f1.8 on your full frame, you need to know whether you can get the same shot on an M43.  If you can, you can take use the lighter and smaller M43 camera.  If you can't then you need the larger format.

Without the proper tools to compare, you can't make an informed decision on which camera to use for a particular job.

Any camera system is always going to benefit from faster lenses in lower light.

It depends on what you mean by "faster".  If you mean "a lens that allows you to use high shutter speeds to stop action, and yields low noise photos" then the definition of "fast" will vary with sensor size.  An f/4 lens on a large medium format body is fast enough to allow good low light photography.  An f/4 lens on a cell phone is going to result in noisy low light photos.

That's why we are buying interchangeable lens cameras after all.

Yes, the range of available lenses (in terms of aperture diameter and angle of view) varies with format.   Take a 50mm f/1.8 lens on a full frame.  This is a relatively inexpensive lens.  On an M43 you would need a 25mm f/0.9 lens in order to get the same results.  That's not an easy to find lens.

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