Big idea, what to do with a huge pano

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Big idea, what to do with a huge pano

I love high resolution, and have been doing a lot more stitching to produce much larger files with a lot more detail. The main reason for myself, is that I want to be able to do XLG prints at 240dpi. So a 48" x 72" print at 240dpi takes around 300mp. Easy peasy πŸ˜‰

But now what about a really long pano ? Most aluminum print places can only do 6ft... Or maybe 80"...

So here's my big idea ☺️

Step 1; Shoot a really nice, 10 column, by 3 rows of 5 shot brackets (150 shots) of the San Francisco skyline with Bay bridge. In just the right setting sun.... On 10 different evenings if need be, until I'm able to produce an asthetically pleasing, but also technical ringer of a shot. Should be in the 300mp'ish range.

Step 2: Find a place which does high quality prints on roll paper... But with NO Upscaling ! If they can't use the whole 300mp file for Max resolution, that's not the right place ! Maybe somebody can suggest a place ?

Step 3: Go to the lumbar yard and special order myself a 4ft x 12 ft x 1/2" sheet of high quality, smooth sanded plywood. (readily available btw)

Step 4: Have ripped off at the correct pano height... I'm thinking 16 to 18" ? Use filler on the edges, smooth sand, and paint black. Plus add hangers.

Step 5: Using a bunch of 3M adhesive spray, and a roller, securely afix the pano to the plywood backing.

Step 6: Using about 1 gallon of clear gloss or semi gloss finish acrylic counter top coat, cover the entire thing, and down over the edges as well.

Bam ! A very large ready to hang panorama, suitable for pixel peeping πŸ™‚ I'm expecting to see people standing on the SF waterfront.... From Treasure Island, two miles away.

Anyone think this sounds cool ? Any suggestions or ideas to add ? Naysayers might be helpful too.... Please tell me "It won't work, and I will never make this happen" πŸ˜€ lol


PS, I have kind of sort of already done this with a 1ft x 10ft shot of the same scene, 10 years ago....But in BW instead of full color HDR... Lower resolution, although it was also a stitch... Mounted on foam board... Thin acrylic covering... Long story short, old school and low budget

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