The Z6 grip is too small for me

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Re: The Z6 grip is too small for me

ijm5012 wrote:

I concur with the OP that the Z6/7 grip is too short, and my pinky finger hangs off. Not a huge deal, because I always buy an L-bracket for my camera anyways, most of them which cover the entire base of the camera and thus extend the height of the grip.

However, up to this point the only one I've seen is the SmallRig one, and I'm not sold on it. The primary reason being that the area where one's pinky finger would sit sticks out from where the normal grip is. I'm not certain how that would be from an ergonomics standpoint.

RRS should release theirs fairly soon here as well.  Though it'll be significantly more expensive than the SmallRig.  It does look like it'll be a bit lighter though.  Am waiting to see more details about that one.

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