Elicar V-HQ MACRO MC 90mm f/2.5

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Elicar V-HQ MACRO MC 90mm f/2.5

So this is my first real MACRO lens!

I found it in good condition (contax bayonet, clean optics, a little bit of oil on the lens aperture, but it's really just a small amount and is on only one of the sides and can be seen on apertures f/11 and greater, not a lot of wear on the lens itself) for 100 bucks(that's quite the deal when you can't afford a 300$+ lens or if you don't want a 50-60mm macro).

It works great - the aperture clicks very well, the focus throw is huuuuge and the focus action is stiffer than in the most lenses (all of this is written everywhere on the internet about the lens - so I was ready for it :)).

So about the lens - mounted it on an Oly E-M10 (because of the IBIS), took a couple of pics with it and understood that for real macro I need much more light :). So after googling I found a DIY instruction about how to do a diffuser for the on-board flash and made one. Now I can shoot with the flash on and the light is not very harsh.

So the lens is sharp. At 2.5 it's ok, f/4 and above - sharp-sharp. It doesn't like the sun very much although I like what you can get from it in "flaring" conditions(like the kitten in the leaves - not much corrections there but very nice "texture" I would say).

Overall I find it as a great lens because it's sharp and the range helps a lot.

Here are some of the first pictures I made(obviously I'm new to macro shooting). For no I don't have the time to go out and find something more interesting so that's that

so, very light corrections on the pics, no noise reduction, no local adjustments..

f/2.5 on the road home from the place I got the lens.

f/2.5 again

handheld, no flash, f/8, the fly was rather fast so I wasn't very close to it, but still managed to capture it somehow. Clarity boost(+20?) here just for a more brutal picture

Another fly, handheld, no flash, again - with the stiff zoom it's not very easy.

This is one of my cat's first trophies. It's a pretty old and small corpse of a dragonfly. Handheld, f/11, used on-board flash with the diffuser.

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