Which Free Video Editing Software is best for stabilization, Grain reduction,remove background noise

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Which Free Video Editing Software is best for stabilization, Grain reduction,remove background noise

My requirement are :

1) Camera shake removal in the video,

2) Grains (Noise) removal in the video,

3) Removing background 'sssss' noise of the audio in the video

4) Lens distortion removal

5) Chroma Key

and if possible

5) Masking someones face if I want to exclude strangers walking around me during the outdoor shoot (this require motion tracking feature - I think Blender has this).

I am not looking for any profession paid software. I am only looking Free.

Few of them I have listed :

Kdenlive (easy to use) (Stabilization, noise removal, WB, Lens distortion removal are there)

VirtualDub2 (Deshaker this I find better than others)

ShotCut (easy to use)


Avid Media Composer First (This is the free one) (not tried)


Blender (I think motion tracking is there which could achieve masking feature)

Audacity (good audio editor, but are others in the list are better than audacity ?)

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My thought : I like Kdenlive and ShotCut as they run on low-end machine, they are portable, easy to understand and use but stabilization is not as good as 'Deshaker' in VirtualDub2.

On the other hand, VirtualDub2 is difficult to understand when we use different filters but not too difficult.

Lightworks and Avid Media Composer First, I have to try yet but seen videos and I think they are not as good as Kdenlive or ShotCut or VirtualDub2 (for my requirement only)

I don't know if any of them has a motion tracking feature in them except Blender. (for masking feature)


Important : One thing I observe that for each purpose if we are using a dedicated plugin/filters or software then we are getting the best result. For example, for Grains/noise in the video can be removed by 'Neat Video'. I know it is paid not free but I think it is best of any other in the market.

So to refine my question more : I am looking a free software in which I can add best plugins preferable free or if they are pre-installed in it then it's good.

For example 'Deshaker' is for VirtualDub2. But VirutalDub2 doesn't have a good plug-in for Grain/noise removal in the video.

So If anyone has already used above listed software then please share your experience regards : Shake removing, Grain/Noise removing, background noise removing, and masking.

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