Replace 18-55 F2.8-4 and 56 F1.2 with 16-55 F2.8?

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Re: Replace 18-55 F2.8-4 and 56 F1.2 with 16-55 F2.8?

I have owned all 3 lenses and currently own both 16-55mm and 56mm

I will probably sell the 56mm, following reasons.

1) this is very rarely mentioned but the 16-55mm (and 18-55) has a closer minimum focus distance at 55mm than the 56mm; 40cm vs 70cm, 30 cm  difference does not sound a lot but if you want a close framing for abstract/big crop portraits then this can have a real impact and at F2.8 this impact is again more noticable than on the 18-55. (For reference close focusing distances for all 55mm lens are (50-140=100cm, 50mm F2=39cm, 18-55mm=40cm and 55-200mm=110cm)

2) AF speed is much much faster and more consistent.

3) WR

4) It get slagged off for its performance at 16mm but for my purposes its more than adequate and my 10-24mm would also be facing sale if it were not so damn useful for video. (note removal of 4k crop factor in latest generation cameras mean 10-24mm lenses days may be numbered when I next upgrade body)

5) Manual focus, the focus by wire on the 16-55mm lens is much much smoother and better implemented. I have oftern wondered if I have a duff 56mm, but I get very close to focus and then it jumps past in one direction so I always have to focus one way deliberately past the focus point then back up as its not fine enough in its adjustement. To conclude manual focus with this 56mm is a pig, to be fair I did a back to back comparison at F2.8 and F4 on both lenses to rule out thin DOF as being the culprit on the 56mm. So either my lens is duff or its a pig, i have seen other reports of this behaviour so my suspicion is that its working as designed.

6) In the studio using flash and shooting at F5.6 F8 etc there is little difference between the lenses so make little sense as 56mm is a portrait focal length only for me (35mm is my prefered focal length for majority of street and travel)

So that is all the reasons the 16-55mm is a great lens. now the caveats.

The 56mm when you nail a shot does have a lovely rendering, the 16-55mm actually gets quite close and as mentioned in point 1 really sings when you are close to your subject but its just can't pull of the same levels of goodness as the 56mm, however we are talking minor, nit picking, rendering geek differences.

The 18-55mm is a fabulous small lens, for a while I rocked a 18-55/35mm/90mm kit and that was a pretty awesome do it all kit that fit in a Tenba DNA 8 bag. 18-55 for wide duties and all around lens when I was feeling lazy/with my kid, then the two primes for street and portrait. All very good focusing. Ah simpler times

Don't know if this rambling has helped or not.


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