What percentage are your keepers?

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Re: Treat every frame as your last frame

Michael Firstlight wrote:

I am a former full time pro. The mark of a pro is being able to deliver the job - every time, with high quality, and never fail. You can't. Shoot a wedding and it's a once in a lifetime thing. Forger the liability issues, you are messing with someone's dreams. Sometimes the limitation isn't the number of frames, the constraint is often time and/or subject opportunity. Shooting spray-and-pray style in those situation won't cover your ---.

Spray and pray. I do so hate that term. It isn't take a very few, careful shots or point and squeeze the shutter until the buffer fills. Multiple shots are a tool which can be a valuable one used properly.

The mark of a pro or pro-class work is delivering high-quality images on time without fail for the client.

This is true. And shooting on continuous and taking multiple shots can sometimes help ensure that. I've shot events and weddings as well. There is very often a shot when someone blinks, hair moves across the face, someone moves, etc. A second or third shot of the same scene can offer better choices.

The pressure of taking paid jobs is like taking a shot of strong whisky. Anyone here that has taken on paying jobs knows exactly what I am saying, and it is likely one of the few natural constraints that remain that teach someone how to think in a manner that the frame you are about to burn is every bit as critical as the last frame of film on your last roll of film. Think like that and your keeper rate will skyrocket.

Always think about the shot, always remember the client's needs and that the event is important to them. In my mind, shooting extra shots is a large factor in considering the client.

Shooting a lot does not preclude thinking, planing and crafting the images. This is fallacious thinking.

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