What percentage are your keepers?

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I back up all my pics but keep to work on in Lightroom between 10 to 15% max, sometimes less. Then prints are much less than 10% of that, closer to 2-5%.

It seems I do not take enough care taking pics with so many discarded.

What would be others "keep" percentage?

Thank You for replying. I think some clarification what I meant in my case is in order.

I am z total hobbyist, never sold a picture, but I still play with pictures with occasional enthusiasm.

When I come from a trip, or a picture taking excursion, walk, whatever, I copy all pics from the SD card to my one drive on PC.

I then copy them to three other HDs, external, I do not touch them afterwards

Then I go over the pictures I took, that I have on my internal PC drive, first pass, delete many, second pass delete more, a day or so later, another pass, another bunch deleted. I am at that stage left with 10-15% that I then import to Lightroom and play with them more or less. Once in Lightroom, I delete some more.

What's left , I keep , share with friends, then print some , keep them or give them away. Many hang, framed , in friend's homes. Some hang in my photo room on movable rails.

But, my overall keep rate is low. Keep meaning what I have left and share.

More precisely, you are asking what percentage is worth showing or sharing. Apparently your percentage of keepers is over 300%.

I am sorry but I am not sure what you mean.

You keep everything 3 times over but only show and share a very small percentage of what you take.

I understand now.

I would not call archived copies keepers. Just safety.

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