Will Robots make better Photographers?

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Re: Impossible

Glen Barrington wrote:

tcg550 wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

They still won't be able to take "MY" photos. Only I can do that.

They will if you're thoughts are their thoughts.

No AI can have had the experiences in life that I have had. They MIGHT be able to recreate my 'style', and maybe even duplicate a few photos I have done. But you can be certain their photos aren't coming from the same set of emotions, beliefs, prejudices, preferences, and bio-chemical life processes that I have experienced in my life.

I love science fiction, I've read it, and have tried to write it, my entire life. So I'm used to the sort of speculation your comment arises from. Even if the "Big Dog Robotics Company" steals my thoughts for inclusion into an AI. The mere fact that AI infrastructure is built by a company, a committee, if you will, guarantees that the ongoing thought processes will differ from mine.

You know I didn't really think a robot could steal you're thoughts, right?

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