RX100 VI vs. RX100 III vs. LX100 MK II

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RX100 VI vs. RX100 III vs. LX100 MK II

I'm considering getting a new camera and as the saying goes - size matters, just not the way that term is usually used

I am interested in a small camera that I can easily take with me when I travel.   I've had an larger mirrorless cameras that needs its own separate bag when flying.  The RX100 looks really small but it seems quite a performer.

My short list of cameras so far

RX100 VI,
Panasonic LX100 MK II

I popped into the Panasonic forum here and noticed a thread about the LX100 not as sharp as a poster had hoped for.  Can anyone chime in on how the RX100 fairs and/or any info compared to its competitors?

I typically shoot family stuff, kids activities, i.e., soccer, or plays (low light a necessity), when I travel, say to disney.  I really like the idea of having a much smaller camera in that type of situation. The heat, the crowds and craziness of being there. I think a smaller camera will work better.  I had an OMD EM5 the last time, with the large 12-40 lens and while it performed well, I can say it kept getting knocked around or bumped into.

Hiking, is another example where I prefer a small form factor that won't take up much space in the backpack.  The last hike I took, I used my iPhone because the OMD was just larger then I wanted to pack.  In that case, I had to pack cold weather gear and extra clothes to use for layers.  The temps were in the 20s, and windchill in the negative range.  I just didn't have room for that camera.

At home, I typically shoot without a flash, so low (or lower) light performance is high on my list. Say this Thanksgiving, I'll prefer not using a flash when snapping pix.

That factor, along with that I've been shooting mostly in 12-40mm for the past couple of years means I'm really interested in the III.  The 200mm zoom that the model VI gives is a bonus, but it comes at an expense, i.e., slower lens (and expensive).   I'm not sure its worth the price premium, since the III is about half the price of the VI

I did visit my local camera store, and I won't lie, the LX100 feel a bit better in my hand, because its a tad larger and it had a built in grip.  The question on the sharpness does have me a tad spooked. Plus It seems Sony has this category locked up, and the other makers are copying what Sony is doing, so another reason is to maybe stick with market leader.

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