Michigan Football with X-T3, 100-400 and 50-140 + 1.4x TC

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Re: Michigan Football with X-T3, 100-400 and 50-140 + 1.4x TC

Steve, thanks a lot for the wonderful post! I enjoyed the pictures and then went on to read the technical details. For me this set has the "wow" factor.

S. Miller wrote:

CalBear71 wrote:

Your shots capture the action really well.

Could you have gotten better background separation? That's my only criticism.

Thanks! You’ve hit on my biggest issue I have with shooting sports with Fuji, or the D500 for that matter...subject isolation (or background separation).

You can always select the foreground, invert selection, feather, and run Gaussian blur or Focus blur. I'm not sure this is easy in Lightroom but it's easy and not too time consuming in GIMP or Photoshop. Basically this is what the iPhone does for Portrait mode.

I just looked at the images posted. I think all of them are <150mm...with a 100-400mm lens! That’s inexcusable and shows just how much I was worried that I’d miss the action.

My initial reaction was to think you did not need to rent the 100-400 lens because all but one of your posted photos were within range of the 50-140 + 1.4x TC. The one that wasn't was only slightly over at 203.7 versus 196.

You said earlier that some or all images were cropped. I understand your nervousness at being able to get the shot, because this endeavor isn't easy! Great news about the X-T3 and its sports tracking capability. I hope you will post the Michigan - Ohio State game.

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