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Re: That is not an Upgrade. No Way. That is a Major Downgrade.

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And he definitely still has GAS, it’s just that his GAS is in reverse. 😂

Reverse GAS makes about as much sense as a reverse vasectomy.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

Well, some people love buying old classic cars, vintage guitars, and old cameras.

In reality a 1960 Martin D28 is one of best guitars you can play and much better than anything around today and most people could no way afford it a 1960 era D28 today. You will pay 10 to 100 X for a 1960 D28 depending on the shape as the most expensive brand spanking new guitar - why because it produces much better sound. BTW a new D28 is about 7 K.

I found one that came out of someone's attic in a yard sale in 1966 in West Lafayette Indiana. I bought it for 5 bucks since they didn't know what they had. I've been offered six figures - best investment I have ever made and I have made some good ones. But it just sounds so good when I play it and it's not for sale. At some point after I have crocked it will put by great grand kids though college;-)!

But today I simply enjoy listening to the smooth silky tone that comes out of that box.

In reality serious landscape - since I am not going to buy a Phase One 100 MP monochrome camera - I use 4x5 TriX. There is no way any Fuji or Nikon or Sony can compete.

Just because it is new does not mean it is better - especially when it comes to producing art. Of course if your goal is a spec sheet rather than expression your vision - then by all means get sucked in and blow your resources on the latest thing that the camera (and cell phone ) companies chum before you. However, my retirement account is large enough I can buy just about anything I want when I do retire (my wife doesn't want me around that much), my house and cars, trucks, RV's, horse trailers, riding horses, my wife's race horses are all paid for and one of but not the only reason is I don't suffer from GAS. If it is not a tool that I need - well there is no way I am buying it I don't give a rats behind about a spec sheet. Better going into my retirement account than Fuji's or Nikon's account.

But hey that is just me. Someone else's money is not my money - anyone can spend their money any way they want. I am sure the camera companies are very happy that people upgrade every two years and they have these forums and rumor sites to chum. But that's not my problem or business. The 1000 bucks I didn't spend in 1975 - how much is that worth today? The answer is quite a bit - but hey that is just me.

As far as cameras each person has their own needs to express their own vision. If their vision is an X-T1 or a film camera and that is the way he/she prefers to express his/her vision then that is the way they should express their vision.

And I still listen to tube amps and use full range speakers despite the advance in 3 way or 4 way speakers.

I would be happy with a d200. But I like fuji. My main reason for getting xh1 cos it has the dslr feel like d200. Didn't matter th 24mpeg or ibis. I just like how it feels. For me.. The honesty is the images I take is seen and treasure by my family and me only... Cos it's all family photos. And I really like shooting on a fuji.... Since days of fujis2pro

That was not my point but hey dude to each their own.

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