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My conclusion is that nowadays DR should not be the decisive factor in a camera purchase. They all have compromises and qualities.

Exactly, no matter the effort (with compromise), the improvment is minor, and in which circumstance we need that much of DR, very rare. I think sensor tech has reached it peak, unless there will be a breakthough.

Perhaps, but with these cameras costing thousands of dollars and each system having great lenses which of the following would you choose?

dpreview DR comparison - Z7, 5DSr, 6DM2, D850

That's a really good question, partly because I (sort of) find myself in that position.

I'm a Canon owner but now is a great time to look at a new system with the new mounts and lenses.

Given these choices (and including the EOS R), It would be the Z7, but it is not really that simple. I know and like my Canon lenses a lot.

Since I shoot landscapes it is mostly about resolution and DR. I'm not sure Canon have the ability to be truly competitive here. The 5Dsr produces stunning files, however it is relatively weak on DR, but strong on price!

I'm hoping new Nikon lenses like the 14-30/4 match the performance of the Z7.

I would foresee at least 3 paths for you, which may be parallel combinations.

  1. Get a Z7, FTZ adapter, and one of the available F-mount lenses until something native comes along.
  2. Get a Z7, and wait on an inevitable EF lens adapter.  That way you'd get to use your existing lenses and the Z7 for DR.  For landscapes, autofocus speed should be no issue.
  3. Wait for the native lenses.

I am sure that the 14-30/4 will be an excellent lens; and until then, I have many F-mount lenses I plan to use for landscapes.  This includes my 14-24 F/2.8 and 20mm F/1.8.

I'm also watching the Venus Laowa's closely--I have their 9mm for my Fuji, and I love that lens.  They'll come out with a 10-18mm for Nikon Z soon.  I like that they use relatively straight aperture blades.  Costs a tiny bit of resolution, but helps sunstars if you ever do more urban shots.  There are also good inexpensive options from Irix & Samyang/Rokinon that could serve as temporary lenses.

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