Are smartphones ruining your photographic experience?

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Bob A L Senior Member • Posts: 1,958
Re: Are smartphones ruining your photographic experience?

Absolutely not. It took smartphones to give me the piece of photo gear that I have wanted for years.  I have for as long as I can remember dreamed of a camera that I could carry all the time without even being aware that it was with me that produced at least decent or better images.  The camera manufacturers were never able to produce this even to this day.  I would have paid what I paid for my phone for a camera of the same size that produced equal quality images even without the other benefits of the phone. But the phone manufacturers gave me what I wanted and added a computer, e-mail machine, mobile phone, calculator, thermometer, and lots of other stuff in the same small package.  It does not replace my cameras, but adds the one piece of photo equipment I was never able to own before.  It's probably the most used toy I own hands down.  Hardly a day goes by that I don't use it for something.

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