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Storage recommendations

franciscop wrote:

I went back and found that my 2016 pics had a little black spot exactly in the same place.
Two years later it's full grown.
What a waste...

Here are Zeiss' storage recommendations to reduce fungus problems. They mention lenses, but the same precautions can help eliminate fungus problems elsewhere.

Where does fungus come from?

  • Fungus spores are everywhere and germinate under suitable environmental conditions:
  • Growing conditions
  • Relative humidity of at least 70% (more than 3 days)
  • No or little airflow
  • Darkness
  • Nutrients (textile lint, traces of grease, varnish, dust and dirt)
  • Temperatures between 10 and 35°C

How can fungus be avoided?

Reduce the relative humidity to less than 60% (never under 30% as it is dangerous for the instrument) by storing:

  • in climate-control cabinets in which hygrometers maintain environmental conditions
  • next to driers (e.g. silicagel orange packs) in the containers
  • in a special cabinet whose interior is heated to 40°C (max. 50°C) using a fan heater/ incandescent lamps, thereby reducing the relative humidity
  • in hermetically sealed cabinets with fungicides with high vapor pressure (fungicide depot must be replaced at regular intervals)
  • in an dehydrator above driers


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