Clarity re: recent mirrorless BCN numbers

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Re: Clarity re: recent mirrorless BCN numbers

Abel89er wrote:

lilBuddha wrote:

confused circle wrote:

Hmm, looks like Sony ff has 16% of milc sales. That's well ahead of Nikon (no apsc milc), but definitely behind Canon (top apsc milc and quick start with the R for ff milc) I wonder if Nikon will release an apsc milc model.

The Canon EOSM system does not do well because it is APS-C. It does well because it is small and still has a large sensor. Nikon tried that and failed.

And as no one here wanted to accept, apsc still dominates. Half of all money brought in with average unit prices at like a quarter of full frame. The unit volume difference is monstrous.

Because APS-C is cheaper. And more than good enough for the vast majority of users, including many professionals.

I do belive that the same can be achieved in FF with a series of travelzoom lenses.

That isn’t the point. The point was to illustrate why the M sells the way it does.

But I don’t think you are correct. Lens size is constrained, in part, by sensor coverage. FF will be larger barring significant innovation.

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