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Re: That is not an Upgrade. No Way. That is a Major Downgrade.

Greg7579 wrote:


I don't get it. Makes no sense to me. The XT-1 was a great camera in its time and started the whole Fuji ergo ball rolling. I loved my XT-1. But the XT-2 is immensely better and the XH-1 added much-needed IBIS and is the best of all. The XT-3 compared to the XT-1 is no comparison at all. It is a joke to compare them.

I can't wait for the XH-2.

Sure, GAS is fun and buying new gear is part of the game if you can afford it. But digital cameras get better, not worse. That's like saying you like the look on the screen of a 5 year-old laptop. No way man. That 5 year-old laptop is grossly obsolete. So is the XT-1.

I can't imagine still shooting the XT-1. It is far inferior in so many ways, and no way - absolutely no way - are the images better in any way whatsoever.

As far as the images being better to deal with in post on the XT-2? No way. Absolutely no way. That was an amazing statement of non-fact. Pure artistic nuance in some kind of weird way.

I shot the XT-1 as much as anyone on Earth. I loved it. But for you guys to say it is better than the XT-2 is preposterous. Amazing really.

You may be making some kind of anti-marketing statement or satisfying yourself that you are going back to your roots. Whatever.

But I don't buy for one second that nonsense about the images on the XT-1 being better.

You have your reasons. People do what they want to do. You do it. Glad you love the XT-1, but it is not better than later generations. No way. Not even close.

You want less IQ and detail because you like the look? Whatever....

I think you are seeing and imagining things if you think the XT-1 is better. It is not. No way.

By the way -- that surfboard image is really good. The kind of shooting you do benefits greatly from the better sensor of the XT-2 and will improve even more with future generations of sensors, chips, ASSF and IBIS. Yes, your kind of shooting would also benefit from IBIS. Greatly. A lot. Mucho.

If you want to freeze yourself to the first generation of Fuji sensors in this electronic age in order to make some kind of artistic statement, go ahead. But it is false to say that XT-1 sensor is in any way better than the newer sensors or that some kind of special magic or gritty look is gone. No way Man. Maybe you are looking for some kind of artistic niche or making a statement, like those dudes that use box pinhole cameras on a wooden tripod.

Hey, but good luck and keep on shooting. I never touched my XT-1 after I shot one image with the XT-2. I never touched the XT-2 after shooting one shot with the XH-1.

You know why? Because they newer models were immensely (not just a little bit) better.

I started to say you have lost your mind, but then I remember this is "art" and in the world of "art" all kinds of weird stuff happens.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

I guess it just works for him and his wife’s personal perception. I’m sure he knows that the X-T1 is not technically better than the X-T2/T3/H1 but he perceives the IQ to be more pleasing for him and his wife. And he definitely still has GAS, it’s just that his GAS is in reverse. 😂

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After all is said and done and your photo is hanging on the wall, no one is going to know or care what camera, lens, or what post processing you used. All they care about is if the image moves them.

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