Clarity re: recent mirrorless BCN numbers

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Re: Clarity re: recent mirrorless BCN numbers

lilBuddha wrote:

confused circle wrote:

Hmm, looks like Sony ff has 16% of milc sales. That's well ahead of Nikon (no apsc milc), but definitely behind Canon (top apsc milc and quick start with the R for ff milc) I wonder if Nikon will release an apsc milc model.

The Canon EOSM system does not do well because it is APS-C. It does well because it is small and still has a large sensor. Nikon tried that and failed.

And as no one here wanted to accept, apsc still dominates. Half of all money brought in with average unit prices at like a quarter of full frame. The unit volume difference is monstrous.

Because APS-C is cheaper. And more than good enough for the vast majority of users, including many professionals.

I do belive that the same can be achieved in FF with a series of travelzoom lenses. The size of a Sony A7 and a hypotetical f5.6 zoom to match light-gathering abilities of the smaller sensor with an f4 lens would make it the same size. Also, it would allow for better tonal transitions, better dynamic range and color fidelity of the larger sensor when there's plenty of light.

The only manufacturer to bring this approach has been samyang with their line of small and cheap primes on the Sony A7's

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