Advertising has ruined the art of photography and videography

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Advertising has ruined the art of photography and videography

So you see a short video of people rock climbing in the mountains.  It's not about the people.  It's not about their story.  It's not about the mountains.  It's not about natures beauty.  All that is used to ADVERTISE a medication supposedly allowing them to do that.

You see a nice photo of a smiling couple walking along a sunset beach.  It's not about the couple.  It's not about the beach.  It's not about the sunset.  It's not even about vacation or a love story.  It's about an ED drug like Viagra.

I hate stock photography sites because I know that all those skilled photos are going to be turned into some corporate ad that has nothing to do with the photo at all.  Maybe a nice teddy bear photo will be an anti-abortion political ad or something.  Maybe an awesome cowboy image will be an advertisement about cigarettes.

Let's face it.  Advertising has RUINED photography AND videography.  They can't and they won't advertise their products based on the MERITS of their own products.  They always try to fool us with "lifestyle" photos and video about how our lives improve with their product.  And that means using attract photos and videos taken by skilled photographers and videographers and artists to suggest that their beauty and appeal is somehow related to the commercial product.

So what is the consequence of this?  I mean who suffers?  The art of photography and videography suffer.  How?  Well, it means no matter how attractive the work, if it's on shutterstock or looks even remotely like that, IT LOOKS LIKE AN ADVERTISEMENT.

That means the art can no longer stand on its own.  Is this a cute little girl sleeping with a nightlight or an advertisement for cough syrup?  Is this a cheetah running in the wild, or an advertisement for a new vehicle?

We've lost.  Art has taken a major blow imo for allowing this.

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(Do you know how HARD it's been trying to move my work AWAY from commercial product photography and TOWARDS original artwork???  It isn't easy.)

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