Up for debate: shallow or large DOF when traveling

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Up for debate: shallow or large DOF when traveling

There are numerous threads talking about "what lens to take" - to Burkina Faso etc. etc. Often enough zooms are recommended to "cover all the bases" from 10mm to 400mm at the extreme, to (read this just today somewhere here) "take the 27/2.8" - and leave it at that.

When Jerry visited the Baltic are of Europe earlier on this year and I suggested to take the 56/1.2. He mentioned that he didn't have much use for this lens as such but I thought at the time that using the 56 would add a little bit of "difference" to the typical large DOF pics one gets when using zooms e.g. the F4.2 FF equivalent of the 16-55/2.8 - or worse - the 10-24/4 where even Auntie Madge standing behind me would still be in focus ...

I have a lot of time for Jerry (and others here...) but thought at the time that it was a pity that he didn't fully engage with one of the lenses he actually owns. But we all tick differently, so it's all good.

Another travel nut, The Greg, used lenses that arent't even on the market yet, but think he also doesn't use much low DOF when he takes his pics. From memory I can't remember having seen any shallow DOF pics of his. And he would be THE capacity for all things Fuji, right??

A user here on this forum asked what lenses to take to South East Asia (3 months, so a healthy time, it's been a long time since I used to count travel in months rather than weeks...) and some people suggested large DOF lenses (by comparison).

So, coming back to what I wanted to put up for debate: If there was no "it depends" option, what's your take on using rather shallow DOP for travel?

Here are some pics taken with the 56/1.2 (for street??????):


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