The effect of in-camera Lens Compensation and more ...

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The effect of in-camera Lens Compensation and more ...

A while ago there was a tread started by an A7rIII used who got noticeable purple corners when pushing underexposed files a few stops.

To learn my camera better to know, even if I never have used in-camera Lens Compensation settings before, I want to learn the features of my camera better to know. You better check these results before using ISO invariance exposure strategies to keep highlight detail for high contrast scenes, or even better: Do your own test with your favorite lens(es).

Findings are:

  • Pushing files might cause purple corners and circular posterization
  • Adding in-camera Lens Compensation dramatically reinforces the problem
  • The amount of shading depends on the lens (amount of vigneting)

Here is a test with all combinations of in-camera Lens Compensation settings, with a lens that I know show such shading when pushing files taken at widest aperture (Loxia 35 mm f:2.0. Same exposure (1/000 sec f:2) and same white balance for all:

  • No Lens Compensation
  • Shading Comp
  • Chro. Aber. Comp
  • Distortion Comp
  • Shading Comp + Chro. Aber. Comp
  • Shading Comp + Distortion Comp
  • Chro. Aber. Comp + Distortion Comp
  • Shading Comp + Chro. Aber. Comp + Distortion Comp

Also, I processed the files with Lightroom "Enable Profile Corrections" off and on (default).

Here are the results - note that all files are pushed from ISO 100, except for the uncorrected ISO 3200 picture, that is just put here as a reference to the uncorrected ISO 100 file:

Lightroom "Enable Profile Corrections" OFF

Lightroom "Enable Profile Corrections" ON - the files are brighter, due to added vigneting adjustment.

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