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  • The A7Riii has some pretty horrible artifacts at base ISO around the numbers. Looks like ruffled peacock feathers.

That's the result of their raw compression algorithm. They don't appear in their uncompressed raws.

I have rarely seen such classic examples of the delta mod artifacts in craw.

You mean in general shooting? It's pretty common on high-contrast edges of exposure pushes like the lettering in that DR crop.

Related article I've found:

If this is a consequence of the 11 +7 compression (and it does appear to be a compression artifact of some sort), I'd be interested to see either uncompressed or lossless compressed as well--though I think Sony only does uncompressed or lossy compression.

I personally shoot most often in 14-bit lossless compressed. I think this and similar options are another consideration when evaluating cameras.

During the compression battles before Sony introduced uncompressed, I said that if they did that, it would be malicious obedience. To this day they have made no promises about the future availability of lossless compression. It's a shame.

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