Worse than expected

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Worse than expected

Worse than expected

What I am writing is relevant only for the current moment.

I have G81 and A7-III and bought a6500 to use x1.5 crop for my SONY FE tele lenses.

I thought that A7-III and a6500 will have a step difference in class, but really A7-III is like a First class of different Asian transcontinental airlines and a6500 (compared with) like economic class of European lowcosters.

I will not describe ergonomics differences with Panasonics, everyone knows.

For stills contrast AF of Panasonic is faster and more accurate, lenses are much better. Eye is always in focus (I haven’t bad shorts) and no need to keep the button hold. Panasonic shutter is better. I never use e-front-curtain shutter even when 1/6 sec. IBIS and IBIS+ Lens stab of Panasonic is much better than a6500, around 2-3 stops difference.

If I work with RAW files of Pana it’s necessary to spend a lot of time to make something better than out of camera JPEG (except cases when I need to use all 12 bit). For a6500 RAW it is enough just to save in ACDSee RAW to JPEG to receive a big improvement in IQ. So, I use no one JPEG gotten out of camera.

May be DPreview a6500 JPEG tests are good enough but these are photos of other photos, with real people it’s completely different.

Colors and AWB are fantastically bad. Worse than NIKON, CANON, Panasonic. Indoor photos always need correction.

A7-III makes for portraits a great job, a6500 – nothing (if to compare with).

The main problem I see– SONY has not E-mount prime lenses. Really SONY has just two usable – 2/28FE and 50/1.8E primes. All other models are no longer relevant, were made for old 16M sensors and are not competitive with FUJI XF in IQ. SONY must have all the range of modern, good quality f2 lenses for APS-C starting from 14mm (cause of additional video crop) and another full range of f2 lenses for FE-mount starting from 20mm/2, then 24/2, 28/2 (appears), 35/2.

Like for the owner of FF SONY camera – no one SIGMA lens is reasonable.

For example, SIGMA 30/1.4 DC DN – what will I receive? Worse than A7-III with the very 50mm/55mm FE SONY lens?

But I already have 55mm/1.8.

SIGMA 16/1.4? 400gr? Size and weight are near 24mm/1.4GM??? But! For video with FE24 I will have 24mm, but with SIGMA 16/1.4 I will have around 30mm because of the additional crop at 4k. But I already have FE28/2 for A7.

Samyang AF lenses either are f2.8 that makes expensive a6500 not competitive completely or too heavy f1.4 what makes APS-C completely not reasonable.

a6500 has just two dials but for my needs it's absolutely customizable. A-mode - totally. M-mode needs one more dial for exposure correction. AUTO ISO in M-mode is very usable, my G81 - doesn't have. Video - very good.

Many people like low light performance. I don't like completely. It's in real conditions much worse than Panasonic G81 has because of difference in shutter and IS. Indoor I may shoot people with Panasonic with 1/15-1/30 sec (not moving objects 1/6 sec), mechanical shutter and ISO400. With a6500 it's always e-front c. mode, 1/60-1/100 sec with the same focal ranges. Medium ISO is 1600 and often becomes 6400.

For FF SONY A7-III and A7RIII owners a6500 IMO is not a reasonable buying. It’s better to have additionally a cheaper previous generation A7RII. A7-II has not eye detection with AF-C unfortunately. Another choice is a5100 for selfie for $400 kit.

For the current moment taking into account the price and e-mount original SONY lenses situation – it’s just 3 stars. Two years before it was 4.

SONY has to work, work and work hard. NIKON and CANON mirrorlesses are already here.

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