Is HDR too much for your liking?

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Is HDR too much for your liking?

Hello DP community. I would like to sample our forums of like minded photography people to get a sense of what other photographers and enthusiast think of HDR photos.

As a newcomer to photography, I already have somewhat of a distaste for HDR photos. They look too perfect. Too un-real, cartoony. Perhaps I am just seeing HDR being used in situations where HDR isn't that pleasing to me.

In any case, I would love your feedback, even if it's just your vote.

Cheers, and have a good day everyone!

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I don't like HDR. Rarely use it.
33.6% 39  votes
I love HDR.
19.0% 22  votes
Indifferent. It has it's specific and or unique purpose I guess.
47.4% 55  votes
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