I love my 100d and 24mm Pancake. Why oh why is there no 18mm!

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I love my 100d and 24mm Pancake. Why oh why is there no 18mm!

I made my own cheap 18mm (for roughly 28mm eqvt) 'prime' by taping my 18-55 non iS, non STM lens at 18mm ha ha.

It is cr@p!

I really want a small WA prime either 21mm or 28mm eqvt os a 14mm or 18mm essentially.

Well there is the EF 14mm F2,8 USM II L but that is over £1900!!! Never. Zeiss Distagon 15mm F2,8 for Canon at about £850. No way! Everything else is a damned zoom or that one rokinon 14mm with no af or exposure communication with the camera....

Yeah I had the 10-18 for a week. It was 'decent' Kit lens quality with good IS and AF. And 14-18mm is it's best range too... Just the size of the thing is not my cup of tea and i really dislike zooms. Is cheap too. £165 mint used. Always re-sells quick...

Riicoh GR II used mint £300, always good for resale, no lens change needed, when fancy WA, just whip it out... No damned VF though and I love an OVF.

Yeah Fuji is the best APSC manufacturer for using quality primes but poor battery life and EVF is not really my favourite thing to use. I had an X-100 T so can put up with it but I just like my 100d, it's my favourite camera due to it's simplicity..

Canon is good with the 24mm and 35mm for APSC.

Real shame they rely on zooms for anything wider though. Really have no idea why there is no 18mm prime.

Anyone know of anything other than the 14mm L, the Zeiss 15mm (nether of them ever gonna happen due to price) or the Rokinon 14mm out there....

Primes only... I have searched the web and have found nothing.

The EF 20mm is great but too close to 24mm to bother...

There's focus tubes and extenders but no WA converter that I could use with my 24mm F2.8 STM...

Anyone know of anything...?


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