E-M1X finally big enough..

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Re: E-M1X finally big enough..

Bobby J wrote:

I guess there's room for a large camera in m4:3, but I have to wonder how well it would sell. I think if I wanted a camera that large, I'd just buy a Canikon and reap the benefits of the larger sensor. Buying into m4:3 and getting a big camera like a DSLR makes no sense to me. I used 4:3 until the EM-1 came out. I had an E-1, E-3 and E-5, but I like the smaller cameras better. My favorite was the E-30. Fairly large but very light. I love my EM-1 and especially my MKII. The MKII is as large a camera in m4:3 as I'm willing to tolerate. I know the lenses are smaller in m4:3, but the whole idea is to get a very small, light and reasonably priced system that will do a good job in all but certain conditions. A big, heavy camera doesn't fit that model. To each his own.

I came to m4/3 from the super zoom side of the house, looking for a better camera than my Canon SX60. I was not intending to replace my Canon DSLR at the time, but after finding out that I was getting better images from the m4/3 than from my Canon crop, the switch was complete. I was reluctant to get an E-M1 because of the size and weight, but got a deal I could not pass up and found that it matched really well to my PanLeica 100-400. Then the E-M1 II came out, but again I hesitated because of the added weight (but only briefly)  and did preorder because of the Sony sensor and the frames per sec.

Now comes this new offering...…..I'm not sure I can swallow this one. It will depend a lot on the specs, reviews, field tests, etc.

And, if there is a new Pen F coming down the pike, I'm not sure the old Piggy bank has enough in it for both.

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