Panasonic fan gravitating to Oly lenses

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Panasonic fan gravitating to Oly lenses

As a big fan of Panasonic's products and a professional event shooter, I'm a bit surprised to find myself gravitating to Olympus primes despite the lack of Dual IS and DFD compatibility. This stems from some glaring holes in Panasonic's lens lineup.

I've been wanting to expand my capabilities in two ways: greater reach and larger apertures. First, the former. I've been relying on my 35-100, but I'd like a little more reach. Oly's 40-150/2.8 would solve this. However, for tele shots f2.8 with stage lighting keeps me at ISO 3200, so I'd like a bigger aperture, too. I went so far as to try out a Samyang manual-focus 135/2 at B&H, but I couldn't quickly and reliably nail focus, even with focusing aids. Gotta have AF. So, I'm setting aside longer reach and looking at options for larger apertures. Just bought an Oly 75/1.8. Would prefer a 100/2, but nobody's making one. Why?

Moving down the FL scale, I'm considering a Nocticron or Oly 45/1.2. But, along the way I got distracted by Sigma's forthcoming 56/1.4. Priced right and brighter and longer than my Oly 45/1.8. Tempting. Would I still need a 42.5/45mm prime? Probably. For just about $100 more, I think the Nocticron wins with Dual IS and DFD, even though moving subjects don't benefit from IS.

But then, looking at semi-wide, my only good option brighter than my 20/1.7 is Oly's 17/1.2. PanLeica's 12/1.4 looks great for dance floors and audience reaction shots, but I think a moderately-priced 17/1.4 would appeal to a lot more shooters and would fill the gap between the "consumer" 15, 17 & 20mm primes and the rather expensive 17/1.2.

And, finally, at 12mm PanaLeica's 12/1.4 looks really nice, but this is the FL where I least need a bigger aperture, so it's hard to justify the cost when I already have Oly's excellent 12/2.

In short, I could easily wind up with Oly's 40-150, 75/1.8, 17/1.2 and 12/2 and Sigma's 56/1.4, leaving my 12-35 and a Nocticron as my only Panasonic lenses for event work.

I really would prefer Panasonic lenses for Dual IS and DFD support, and Panasonic could win me back with a 17/1.4 or 1.2 and a 100/2, but I'm not holding my breath. Meanwhile, the 200/2.8 is not the tele I need and is absurdly expensive.

No question here, just a bit of puzzlement.

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