R vs 5d Iv Colors

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Re: R vs 5d Iv Colors

RoyJonny wrote:

dgzakin wrote:


Do you mean the colors are better out of the camera?

My understanding is that Huelight profiles are used with photoshop or lightroom. If you need straight out of camera, you need a picturestyle.

I have color calibrated my 5D4 with color checker passport and find Adobe standard to be quite close.

The best way would be to create a picturestyle out of a color calibrated xrite profile. But there is no automated way to do this.

I shot exact same scene (no human subjects) in Raw format with 5D4 and R and find the colors are different. R looked more pleasing than 5D4. Pleasing does not mean accurate though. So, I am not sure which camera produced more accurate colors.

Can someone explain to me why the huge difference in WB in camera to what ACR/Lr Adobe Profiles read?  Why is there SUCH a swing in numbers? Is it a bug in the profiles (which I believe to be true)

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