Double Frequency Separation

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Double Frequency Separation


I would like to have TWO frequencies separated above the base tones/low frequency layer.

I am familiar with frequency separation as far as the basic technique goes and I am using Image Apply, NOT Gausian blur version of the technique.

Anyone can provide a step by step way of doing so that doesn't result in artifacts?

My own attempts for some reason either ended up with haloes or something got messed up, but it didn't really work the way I wanted to.

I saw two ways of doing it online on youtube, but, those were not true tutorials, they didn't explain how to set up the stack, and they didn't show the actual layers, only a demonstration of what is possible with the technique (plus in another language, so I can't even guess what they would be saying).

However, from what I could glean from the video one method had all layers with 100% opacity while the second method had the high/mod frequency layers both at reduced opacity while the base layer was at 100%. (The high and moderate frequency layers at full 100% opacity ended up being overprocessed/HDR looking due to exagerration of all details, so they reduced the opacity to make the image look as they started).

I am using the latest version of PS with Windows 10 (I think both programs use 32 bit calculations, or maybe it is 64bit. This was pointed out to me previously that artifacts arize from low bit counts like 16, but it doesn't apply any more since I upgraded the computer).

I am aware of multi-frequency separation programs like Wow! but they are not practical for what I am doing and produce 'ringing' artifact due to rounding errors in calculating all the layers, as acknowledged by the developer. Since I am shooting on a plain/solid background the "ringing" is very apparent. (It is much less so if the background is very busy, like a street or forest, so one could 'hide' it without much problem.)

Thank you.

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