Which 70-200 2.8?

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johnanderson wrote:

I've been considering my options here with the Tamron G2 etc and the new Nikon. However, what has really put me off the new nikon is the stupid reversal of the focus and zoom rings, now holding the lens I feel I'd have exactly the same problems as photographylife did when they reviewed this one, it's clearly been changed to simplify the engineering of the lens but nikon have been caught saying people wanted it. For the life of me cannot think why anyone would have been requesting that when the old way worked so well. Also, the removable tripod ring is ridiculous, that push button has caused many folks to drop the lens when carrying it. Seems a step backwards from the VRII.

I would suggest that you try the lens for yourself. The reversal of zoom and focus collars between the VR II and the FL versions hasn't caused me any problems. It just needed a small adjustment in how I hold the lens, and it quickly became second nature.

Also, although the shape of the tripod foot has changed, the VR II foot and the FL foot have exactly the same means of attachment, consisting of a knurled knob and a push button.

Hand holding a 70-200 with the zoom ring in the "wrong" place isn't something I relish considering I used the original for years, after reading the photography life review I think I would share his thoughts, holding the end of the lens rather than the near to the body part in order to zoom, reduces stability for me. I seen several reports of people walking holding the foot and the push button allowing the lens to drop easily?

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