Canon D30 VS Minolta A1

Started Sep 25, 2003 | Discussions thread
David McGaughey Senior Member • Posts: 2,246

Get the D30. I sold my 7i (comparable to the A1 in quality, I believe) and the D30 is world's better in AF image quality. Now at iso100 I think the Minolta MAY edge out the D30 a little but at iso200 above it's no contest.

The big big difference? You can slap the $70 50 f/1.8 lens on and BAM! you can shoot with available light now inside (sometimes, of course). The A1 will have terrible noise above 200 and the anti-shake won't help you that much when you are shooting 1/6s at iso200 at f/3.5.

Lars Erik Nes wrote:


I have a Canon D30 today and i am considering selling it for the
new Minolta A1. I know the Minolta isn't SLR, but a nice "all in
one" package.

I am a little tired of carrying all the lens and stuff, and would
think that the minolta will work in 97 % of my images. I am only an

Is it possible to compare the Minolta against the D30 in terms of
imagequality ???


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