Concerts, M43 vs 35mm...

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Concerts, M43 vs 35mm...

Please try not to freak out over a format comparison, kthx

I've shot a few concerts and non-musical events every now and then, using my M43 gear and, in some cases, LX100. I recently picked up a D810 for landscape, and am curious as to the potential for using it with events and concerts.

With the M43 equipment, I get decent results shooting around 1/160s. I typically use primes -- 17mm, 45mm, 75mm. I'm not sure if f/2.8 zooms will be fast enough. ISO 3200 is usable. 6400 is pushing it.

With the Nikon FX, I can use f/1.8 primes (50mm, 85mm, Sigma 135mm). f/2.8 zooms might be usable in low light, but maybe not. I assume I can use ISO 3200 and get a cleaner image, or shoot at 6400 and use a faster shutter speed. I guess I could use an f/2.8 zoom at 6400 ISO, with roughly the same noise profile as M43 @ 3200.

I don't care about DoF. Fortunately, that means discussions of "equivalence" have no place here.

I can work with either EVF or OVF. I'm not worried about battery life. Shutter speeds should be high enough that stabilization isn't an issue. AF for this situation seems roughly equivalent.

Thus, it seems to me that....

• D810 = more resolution; more room to crop; smoother tonality; less noise at ISO 3200/6400; auto ISO with minimum shutter speeds

• M43 = smaller; lighter; quieter

• Not sure if f/2.8 tele zooms are a viable option

Am I missing anything?

So, I take it the advantages of using the D810 are:
• Higher resolution
• Less noise if I shoot at 3200
• Or, better results if pushing to 6400
• Smoother tonality and dynamic range

In contrast, the M43 gear is:
• Lighter and smaller
• Slightly quieter (not always relevant)
• Faster workflow (as file sizes are smaller)
• Option for 150mm f/1.8 equivalent lens (I only see 150mm f/2.8 lenses for Nikon FX)

Am I missing anything?

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