weird green noise in landscape on G85, please help!

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Re: How to save it...

Astrotripper wrote:

ahaslett wrote:

larsbc wrote:

Looks like noise typical of long exposures.

Very hard to rescue, try LENR next time.

If shot in RAW, it's actually pretty simple to rescue and involves:

  1. downloading RawTherapee and installing it
  2. taking a black frame (a photo with no light reaching the sensor) at the exact same shutter speed and ISO setting (60s, ISO 640), preferably in similar conditions (temperature, but it's pretty much impossible to replicate after the fact)
  3. opening the affected photo in RawTherapee and enabling dark frame subtraction module by feeding it the black frame taken in previous step
  4. exporting the image and processing it in software of your choice, or doing it directly in RawTherapee if it does not overwhelm you

But yeah, for the future, keep Long Exposure NR enabled on a Panasonic camera.

I'm interested to see if this works.  60s is a long time, unless the temperature is similar.


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