F-35 breaking sound barrier - replace background or not?

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Re: F-35 breaking sound barrier - replace background or not?

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The weather at this year's Alliance Airshow was so bad they had to cancel Saturday. I went on Sunday and the weather was not good in the morning - completely cloudy with moderately thick grey clouds. It started thinning out a little after noon and by the time the F-35 flew it was turning light grey to white with hints of blue. By the time he finished it was turning partly blue and by the time the Thunderbirds flew it was mostly blue.

When the F-35 did his high speed pass (just below the speed of sound) I got this picture that clearly shows the transonic shock wave traveling half way down the aircraft body. Unfortunately the background sky is a yucky grey. I considered trying to replace it with a decent blue sky but I'm afraid it might turn out unnatural.

Anyone have opinion and/or suggestions - whether to replace the background and if so what techniques other than feathering the edges of the mask to blend into the cloud around the aircraft.

There is some blue in the background already. You should be able to make the background more bluish by simply raising the vibrance slider in Lightroom, and even more by playing with the colors judiciously.

I think it is a really cool shot, just as is.  If I were going play with the background color, I would go the other way, and make completely gray to reduce or eliminate the boundary between the vapor cone and the background.  The effect would make it look like the plane is bursting through a wall.

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