What am I missing with astrophotography?

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Re: What am I missing with astrophotography?

Unofficially, astrophotography has the dubious distinction of being photography's least creative pursuit. What is it, after all, other than documentary photography on steroids?

Is it any different than pathologists beating-off in a corner to histology slides? In its defense, at least, pathology has something astrophotography lacks--the respect of being a field of medicine.

Truly, nowhere else is photography as degraded and demeaned, as reduced to pointing and clicking as it is with astrophotography. At least in other similar and equally technically demanding fields like macro photography, many of the subjects are alive.

Yes, its proponents will tell you that the equipment is the biggest and its tripods the heaviest ever, but at the end of the day, there's no mistaking it for what it is!

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