Clarity re: recent mirrorless BCN numbers

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Re: Clarity re: recent mirrorless BCN numbers

nuke12 wrote:

Jonathan Brady wrote:

nuke12 wrote:


I feel like I might understand the above part of your post but I'm not certain. Are you pointing out that I mentioned that the z7 is only available as a kit in Japan (as far as I know) but that it is available body only in the US?


If that's the case, I know. There are two possible explanations that I can think of. One is that different regions have different options when it comes to purchases. Another is that the Nikon Z is available as body only in Japan but it's market share is less than 4% and thus it did not show up in that top 10 list.

I don't know about Japan but here the dealers will very often break up kits if the buyer only want's part of the kit.

Also the Nikon Z6 numbers aren't in there yet.

Correct, as I mentioned.

I never noticed anywhere that you mentioned the Z6. Did I miss it?

Ahhh crap! I had written it out in my original draft with the second bullet point about the R and Z7 being at different price points and then deleted the part about the Z6 in favor of adding it as a bullet point under the "coming cameras" section but (obviously) forgot to type it out. WHOOPS!

Thanks for pointing out my omission! And yes, I completely agree that it will have a noticeable impact on these numbers and I'm eager to see to what it extent it changes them.

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