Clarity re: recent mirrorless BCN numbers

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Jonathan Brady
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Re: Clarity re: recent mirrorless BCN numbers

drynn wrote:

Jonathan Brady wrote:


All that said, my suggestion is to not read too much into any of this information. We need MUCH more time and much more data (ie, worldwide sales) to come to any conclusions about market position. To make any conclusions (or even predictions) about "success" or "failure", we need to know the forecasted sales numbers worldwide which we'll never have. Literally only time will tell us this...

I would have preferred for this to have been the first paragraph (then I wouldn't have read as far as I did).

my first paragraph Was similar although not nearly as detailed. So, noted!

And no statistics agency should counting pre-orders (or sales forecasts) as sales.

They are not counted as sales until the transaction takes place which typically happens in the first week or two once the cameras become available. That was my point. That it is possible that we are seeing high volume for the first few weeks, at least partially due to people picking up their pre-orders. But, again, we will need much more data.

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