Nikon D850 Dim viewfinder (battery charged and inserted)

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Re: Nikon D850 Dim viewfinder (battery charged and inserted)

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Ok guys, i just tried my lens on another D850, looks identical to mine. i have to say im baffled that no one ever wrote a thread about this!! how did nobody notice how dark the D850 with F5.6 glass? i have to say though, with F1.8/f1.4 glass, the D850 is A LOT more vivid and beautiful the both my D700 and D7200. thanks everybody!

In that case I don't know what you are seeing. My personal memory of the experience when I was switching from the D300s to the D800 was that the VF was huge, equally bright and was MUCH better because it was larger.

You are unfortunately wrong here.

I still have the D300 and comparing its VF brightness directly against my D810 (which is brighter than the D800) it is clear that the D300 VF is at least 1 stop brighter (with the same lens).

That´s just how thing are, and I remember it was discussed on this forum when the D800 arrived (since many D300 hold-outs opted for the D800 when no APS-C follow-up was in sight then).

OK, but I had the D300s (if that makes a difference) and I compared the D800 VF with that one when I bought mine in 2012 and still had the D300s. I remember that I have seen no difference at all.

When i use F1.8 glass on my D850 vs D7200, the D850 is A lot clearer and much nicer to look through!. but with F5.6 glass the D850 is 1.5 stops dimmer than the D7200. I actually got used to it.

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