So I sold it,

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Re: So I sold it,

guzzi850m2 wrote:

Traitor haha.

I never part with my Xpro1, never, served me well in Rome in August with the 18-55mm.

Lenses, well only you can answer that question, what do you photograph?

I am very interested in the upcoming 16-80mm as travel lens.

Traitor, yes it feels a bit like that :(. As others in this thread wondered, why sell? Well my experience is that once I want/acquire a new camera I rarely go back to the previous one. So it is still a very worthy camera, for sure, but why should it be locked up in a cupboard, where it does not collect dust, but is not put to good use either. So, I reason, let somebody else use and enjoy it for a reasonable price.

Yes, I realise that which lens depends on what you shoot (examples below), but at the same time a new lens can also be seen as a new challenge. For instance, use the 90mm for landscape or street shooting. Maybe I should just by the XT3 with the 18-55mm kit, but then when the 16-80 tuns out to be great (which I expect) it probably will not get much use. Size wise the latter is "fatter" but not longer if one can believe the pictures that are going around on the internet.



In honour of the X-Pro1

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