Ninja v for samsung nx1?

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Re: Ninja v for samsung nx1?

GiM_6x wrote:

I read a lot about NX1, and I found "contradictory" specifications about the clean HDMI output.

Starting from 8bit 4:2:0 and up to 10bit 4:2:2.

Can you provide a link to a "more credible" info ("scientific" review - not "commercial" as DPR or the manufacturer, science magazine...), about the sensor and camera insights who follow the path of light and present the process, certainly presenting also the video parameters.

I presume that manufacturer - Samsung, present as technical parameters what camera is able to do and not the standard of the socket or the transmision signal (???).

I found that everything is simple when the Atomos descover by hardware the video parameters, so when I saw 10bits 4:2:2, I presume this is what it found and not the standard of the socket as you say. Other users have confirmed this is the output of the camera found in the video and not the connector standard. . .

Finally, maybe you descovered youself the real parameters, by analizing with software, please present your stand and the procedure.

Thank you.

The Ninja reads the data as 10 bits 4:2:2, but it is still 8 bit 4:2:0, just fitted into the Ninja's data structure. Extra data does not materialize out of thin air, what is missing is just made up so that it fits the spec. To get some idea of how the data is arranged (and what data is discarded in chroma compression) read this:

If you read that article, the camera video data is producing the chroma arrangement in 4:2:0 (ie the bottom pixel pair color is discarded and assigned a value the same as the top pixel pair). If you read the signal as 4:2:2 it would still look the same as 4:2:0, even though your receiving device thinks it is 4:2:2.

For example, if you have a box that normally has a green ball and a red ball in it, I may decide to cut costs by only making green balls, and replacing the red ball with a second green ball. It is more efficient for me to only make green balls instead of two different colors. Your box would then have two green balls in it, but it would still be the same box. That is what is happening in your camera.

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