very tiny fast 50mm-ish lens that is very sharp in the centre?

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Re: A tiny bit longer? (70mm)

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hi guys, any recommendations on tiny, light, fast 50mm-ish lens that's very sharp in the centre to be adapted on nikon j5 ? since j5's pixels are dense, I reckon it needs to be sharp in the centre?

In the past I've had a konica hexanon 50mm f/1.4. works well with my 10MP nikon v1. veryyyy front heavy though

any help is greatly appreciated.

If the tiny has preference over the sharpness the Industar 50-2 would be hard to beat.

It's a impressively small lens that's IMO acceptably sharp.

I also like the Pentax auto 110 50mm/2.8 but I don't think that will cover your sensor it's great on MFT but fixed at f/2.8

As far as very small capable lenses go - and whilst talking about Pentax auto 110 - their 70mm f2.8 lens is worth talking about. This is of longer focal length than the tiny-50 that is the subject of this thread.

Unlike the run of the mill Pentax A-110 lenses this has a part metal body and “proper glass” (But still has no aperture mechanism).

Why Pentax made this lens is a sort of puzzle - the Pentax A110 camera was a tiny miracle - pretty well full-auto with only two aperture blades in the camera. The film itself did not help the equation. But the 70mm lens seems to have come out of the spare parts bin or perhaps they had visions of the A110 system morphing to a higher plane. The 70mm lens was not part of any of the kits as far as I know but a separate optional buy for A110 enthusiasts.

This does not make for an aperture control of course. Help for fixed aperture A110 lenses comes in the form of an A110-M4/3 lever operated mechanical iris adapter that only RJ make as far as I know. It can be found on their “RJ Camera” website.

RJ only made a limited number of these & don't have regular stock. I have seen at least one DIY variant of this making an adapter from a auto110 camera body.

This mechanical aperture control is useful for all A110 lenses including the 50/2.8 of course.

The lens focuses internally. But my copy does not reach infinity focus - I will have to find a way to adjust this. It is a simple lens and might just need a small adjustment to the focusing stop but there is no obvious way “into” the lens.

Any advice on how to open this lens will be apreciated. The front elements are fairly obvious and can be accessed. What I need to do is to separate the focus ring from the lens body so that the infinity focus can be adjusted - there may be no way of doing this. Not a scre in evidence - but these may just be under the rubber cover of the focus ring itself. But I would rather be sure before I start trying to pry it off

Are you sure it's not your adapter that's at fault? Adapters being slightly too long are not unheard of. I doubt a manufacturer like Pentax would sell a lens that doesn't reach infinity on the camera it was designed for.

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